Reviews - The Stone Bridge by Alexander Terekhov

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“In this prize-winning novel, where fiction and non-fiction merge, the protagonist investigates a murder that happened 50 years earlier. Two teenagers from families close to Stalin were shot on Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge in front of the Kremlin towers. It says more about Soviet life in the 20th century than any non-fiction work.”
The Telegraph

"Instead of the standard Russian problems, What is to be done? Who is to blame?, Terekhovs novel raises postmodern (or post-Soviet) questions: Who am I? What is history?"
Times Literary Supplement

"Stone Bridge, the bitter fruit of the Putin era, is postmodern and anti-nostalgic; for Terekhov, Russian history is destitute of glamour, heroism or plot."
London Evening Standard

"The mere sensationalism of the conclusions made in the course of the investigation is not enough to build the narrative that the critics now have an opportunity to sample.  The concept statement that this book is, it
s filled with deep, multifaceted thinking and the vastness of ideas. An achievement for the reader, and the critic."
Dmitry Bykov

"In his novel The Stone Bridge, Alexander Terekhov got even with the genre, maliciously turning the classic suspense story upside down. According to Terekhov, the mystery is not in whodunit, but in the identity of the people leading the original investigation."

"Or we can recall Alexander Terekhovs major novel lt The Stone Bridge , with two epochs juxtaposed as the protagonist investigates a crime committed in 1943 while chasing the survivors in present time and coming into contact with various aspects of the new order.”
Natasha Perova / Publishing Perspectives

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