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Alexander Terekhov

Terekhovs 'fine satire' as it was noted by The Guardian was compared by The Moscow Times to that of Saltykov-Shchedrin and the individuality of his language to that of Platonov. His writing, they suggest, is packed with forceful imagery and the slang of modern Russia... [and] a distinctive and individual intonation.

A professional journalist, Alexander Terekhov has contributed to Ogonek, a top Russian magazine, and worked for the editorial teams of various publications. During his time at the newspaper Top Secret, Terekhov came across an item about two youngsters who perished in 1943 on the Stone Bridge in Moscow. He first featured the story in one of his short works, but later on embarked on a quest for the truth that lasted several years. The outcome of Terekhovs research provided the premise for his novel The Stone Bridge, eventually winning him the Big Book Award in 2009.

lexander Terekhov has published several novels and short stories, which have been translated into English, French, German and other languages.


  • The Big Book Prize 2009

  • National Bestseller 2012

  • Russian Booker Prize 2012

  • The Big Book Prize 2013

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