The Stone Bridge by Alexander Terekhov

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Binding: Paperback
Format: 229mm x 152mm
Price: €20.90

Binding: Hardback
229mm x 152mm
Price: €28.15

Binding:  PDF
ISBN: 978-1-909156-68-5
Format: PDF
Price: €9.95

Binding:  Kindle
ISBN: 978-1-909156-67-8
Format: Kindle

Binding:  EPUB
ISBN: 978-1-909156-66-1
Format: EPUB

Imprint: Glagoslav

On June 3, 1943 at the Stone Bridge in Moscow a tragedy took place that shocked the political elite of that time and became the starting point of an investigation into other historical and political facts. Nina Umanskaya, the beautiful 14-year-old daughter of a Soviet diplomat, was murdered by her classmate and admirer, Volodya Shakhurin, son of a People's Commissar. After that the young man shot himself.

The Stone Bridge is a detailed historical reconstruction of the Stalinist era as seen through one mans seven-year investigation into the case of the 'wolves' cubs, as Stalin named it, a Nazi-inspired secret society inside an elite Kremlin school.

In 1943, when the country is fighting against fascism on all fronts,  children of the Red aristocracy are dreaming about power, praising the great Reich and wanting to create their own
fourth Empire inside the protected school. What moved the elite teenagers who had never known hunger, had never worked day and night to support the military, and had never feared concentration camps and police?..

Based on a true story, The Stone Bridge resurrects actual historical figures and brings to light official documents from NKVD case files. The book shines the spotlight on a past with which the country has never properly come to terms, and which therefore
tragically has a poisonous effect on present-day Russia.

Alexander Terekhov told newspaper Izvestia, “I don
t select themes for my novels. My novels are under my skin, they are my passion, and my illness. By chance stumbling on facts, or walking into situations that dont let go in any other way but by paying off with a few years of my life by taking the time to write a book.” Thats how The Stone Bridge came about. Having abandoned career in journalism, Terekhov spent several years of his life seeking the truth in the cold case of a half a century old murder that had made headlines.

The novel translated from the Russian by Simon Patterson and Nina Chordas.

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